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Execution Phase

Based on the blueprint constructed in the Assessment Phase, we implement The Plan. The Plan, customized to suit your business model, may include, but is not limited to the following services:

Sales and Business Consulting. We help companies align properly and evaluate go-to-market strategies. We implement a realistic growth strategy based on all key market factors, available sales and marketing resources, and company objectives. Matching proven best practices to current business models, we construct a winning model to help your company achieve sales targets. We drive performance and qualified to teach all phases of sales methodology from prospecting and needs-analysis to high-impact presentation skills through closing.

Market and Competitive Analysis. We research the analytics of your current website, similar websites, and current search trends to determine a refined scope to attract targeted visitors with BUYING intent. We propose a detailed content and keyword strategy designed to increase visibility, based on prospects’ online search trends. We also provide insight as to exactly who your competitors are online, and how they are beating you.

Web Development. Our team has the skillset to create any type of website, with a priority that the site is a traffic magnet for your unique target demographic, both user-friendly and an effective marketing tool. We can work within your existing CMS to discover which current on-page errors can be corrected, if any. We make absolutely sure that your site has a high conversion rate through effective keyword strategy, a clear call to action and a powerful value proposition, putting your differentiators up front.

Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing. With an exhaustive analysis and fine-tuned keyword strategy, we optimize your website layout and content for conversion. Our focus is not only attracting the right traffic, but also funneling that traffic through an effective “Call-to-Action,” and converting it into leads and sales. Using “white hat” tactics, we implement an effective strategy to turn your website into a “traffic magnet,” while adhering to the best practices of major search engines. Based on market and keyword research, we will be able to continually produce content that is written with your target audience in mind.

Social Media. We assess your current social media strategies of your company, as well as those of your competitors, to see what works best for your industry and target market. We then develop a revised strategic approach to social media marketing, designed to engage and connect with your clients and prospects while encouraging interaction and conversion.

Online Video. We assess your current video strategy, if any, and determine what improvements need to be made to any existing media, as well as what types of videos are needed to effectively engage your target audience. Our video production team will work with you to produce promotional sizzle reels, professional tutorials, instructional videos, and homepage webmercials, customized according to the needs of your organization and designed for optimal customer engagement.

Reputation Management. We take a comprehensive approach to your entire online marketing strategy and evaluate your current reputation in a variety of online sources, including major search engines, social media, video, and Internet review and complaint sites. Reputation Management is about controlling, pushing down, and rebuking negative or damaging content about you or your company. Our strategies are designed to facilitate the quickest removal of negative search engine listings.

Pay-Per-Click Management. We will properly manage all aspects of your pay-per-click campaign and track conversions from your website all the way back to the keyword typed in by the user. We aim to achieve the best possible price per click and usually save you 25-50% on what you are currently spending. Through consulting and custom reports, we will make the necessary changes to your campaign to ensure we are capturing the right traffic every month.

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