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Face Forward Media models and constructs a winning sales team to help your company achieve sales targets. We match proven best practices to your current business model to enable dynamic changes within individual sales employees. We partner with your senior executives, sales executives and human resource team to assess the following:

    1. The current effectiveness of the individual and team
    2. The gap analysis of recruiting, hiring, sales training and coaching
    3. The development of ‘best of class’ rules and processes to build and train a winning culture
    4. Methods for reducing turnover and loss of key performers

Our solutions significantly raise the skill level, professionalism and results of your sales teams. We drive performance with direct and indirect coaching and mentoring. We teach all phases of sales methodology from prospecting and needs-analysis to high impact presentation skills through closing.

Face Forward Media achieves this with the following practices:

  • A detailed discovery into current sales procedure
  • Refinement of sales, organization and time management techniques based on company objectives and customer needs
  • Creation of applicable sales training collateral
  • Certification and follow-up training to ensure sales reps and management understand products and the sales techniques required to close new business with long term retention.

Sales training is unique and personal. Our competitors routinely make two major mistakes, as it relates to sales training.

  1. They teach a generic program that is not custom to the individuals skillset
  2.  A lack of thorough knowledge of the seller and market. They usually have no experience at all with your particular product and assume that there “program” is a “one size fits all”

Face Forward Media understand that sales training is about solution selling. Our clients want SOLUTIONS. They want to “retain and gain” clients. They want sales training that incorporates all of their products and services, not just SOME of the services, and expects that their most expensive resource, SALES PEOPLE, get certified to do it.

Face Forward Media starts with common sales messaging that is created and controlled by the owner of the business. All too often, sales people do not understand the very product they sell. Our consultants place an emphasis on being brilliant at the basics.

Our award-winning staff has authored sales training programs at the Fortune 500 level and will show examples of what is possible. Call us today!

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