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Did you know that 59% of business-to-business marketers declare email as the most effective channel in creating revenue, according to Business-to-Business Magazine?  If that statistic didn’t convince you of the popularity of E-Mail Marketing, then maybe the fact that Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail combined have 1 billion users will.  Yes, it’s true that in today’s society technology is rapidly changing and growing and with Social Media and ever-changing tablets and smartphones, it’s difficult to determine what the popular marketing trends are these days.  Yes, social media is a very popular marketing trend these days, especially with the younger generations – but does that mean that Email Marketing is dead?

Most marketing experts say it’s actually not dead and that social media is more of an outlet for conversation and sharing industry related information and that email marketing is where customers are more likely to quickly convert.  Email marketing is more than just creating newsletters however.  There are important tricks and tips to remember when implementing an Email Marketing Campaign and Face Forward Media can assist you in keeping up with them.

Customize and Be Consistent!

One of the most important tips to remember when creating an email strategy is to customize the emails and be consistent when sending them out.  Nobody likes to be considered as another face in the crowd so addressing customers by their name adds a very personal feel to the email and makes the customer think you are sincerely reaching out to them.  Another important thing to remember is to be consistent with your email marketing campaign.  Customers might feel like they aren’t appreciated if they are only sent emails when a big sale is going on.  This is where email marketing can become tricky because for businesses that don’t have a marketing department or don’t have time to consistently send emails to their customers, email marketing can often get left in the dark.

This is where Face Forward Media comes in; we can help you in setting up and optimizing your Email Marketing Campaign.  We can also inform you on other important tips and tricks like how to integrate your social media and how important the email preview is in getting customers to actually open the email.

Get Personal with an Email Marketing Campaign

To see the impact an Email Marketing Campaign set up by Face Forward Media can have on your company, call or contact us for a consultation and analysis of your website and internet marketing strategy!

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